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Petersen wrote:. So is Eve, his wife. Together, they probably are the most misunderstood couple who ever lived on the earth. Misconceptions and far-out theories have been bombarding the public concerning our first parents for centuries past. Probably the most to blame are teachers of religion themselves. Not knowing the facts about Adam and Eve, they have foisted their own private notions and uninspired creeds upon the people, with the result that a mass of confusion has mounted year after year. Members of the Church have much of what was lost, which was restored in the books of Moses and Abraham, but the world has only the Genesis account in the present Old Testament, which treats the Fall as an event but does not discuss the doctrine of the Fall.

In other words, the reasons why the Fall came about and what it meant for mankind are not discussed in the Old Testament the world has today. Some light is shed on this matter in the New Testament, but it is limited. Actually, the doctrine of the Fall is taught most clearly in the Book of Mormon. Thus, it is not surprising that the world should have misconceptions about the Fall when they do not have latter-day scripture to help them.

And in order to become gods, it is necessary for us to know something about pain, about sickness, and about the other things that we partake of in this school of mortality. I want to thank him.

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I am glad to have the privilege of being here and going through mortality, and if I will be true and faithful to the covenants and obligations that are upon me as a member of the Church and in the kingdom of God, I may have the privilege of coming back into the presence of the Eternal Father; and that will come to you as it will to me, sons and daughters of God, entitled to the fullness of celestial glory. Before reading the account of the Fall, consider the following basic principles or doctrines outlined by Elder Joseph Fielding Smith concerning Adam and Eve and the Fall of man.

This death also came to Eve his wife.


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In the Genesis account the serpent speaks to Eve and tempts her to partake of the fruit. The more complete account in the book of Moses points out that Satan is the one speaking, although he does so through the serpent see Moses —7. He had knowledge, of course. He could speak.

An honest view of faith

He could converse. There were many things he could be taught and was taught; but under the conditions in which he was living at that time it was impossible for him to visualize or understand the power of good and evil. He did not know what pain was. He did not know what sorrow was; and a thousand other things that have come to us in this life that Adam did not know in the Garden of Eden and could not understand and would not have known had he remained there. That was his status before the fall.

He told the truth in telling that, but he accompanied it with a lie as he always does. He never tells the complete truth. He said that they should not die. The Father had said that they should die. The devil had to tell a lie in order to accomplish his purposes; but there was some truth in his statement. Their eyes were opened.

They had a knowledge of good and evil just as the Gods have. The accounts in both Moses and Genesis state only that Satan approached Eve, but latter-day revelation records that he first approached Adam and was refused. Eve, however, was deceived by Satan and partook. Knowing that she would be driven out and separated from him, Adam then partook. Talmage explained how, even in her being deceived, Eve still brought about the purposes of the Lord:. Talmage said:. Such a doctrine is an abomination. These bodies that are given unto us are given in the way that God has provided.

Since Satan has no body and therefore can have no literal children, his seed are those who follow him, both the one-third he led away in the premortal existence and those who follow his enticements in mortality until they come under his power.

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The seed of the woman refers to Jesus Christ, who was the only mortal born of an earthly mother and a Heavenly Father. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. The promise concerning the bruising of the heel and head means that while Satan as the serpent will bruise the heel of the Savior by leading men to crucify Him and seemingly destroy Him, in actuality that very act of Atonement will give Christ the power to overcome the power that Satan has over men and undo the effects of the Fall.

Thus, the seed of the woman Christ shall crush the head of the serpent Satan and his kingdom with the very heel that was bruised the atoning sacrifice. This indicates angels are assigned as advocates for at least some individuals. After Peter was released, the believers who were praying for this freedom did not believe he was knocking at the door. They also aided visionaries by providing interpretations e.

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Dan Angels will also gather in the elect Matt ; It is a mystery of which Scripture only reveals a sliver, and Christians would be wise not to see more than is revealed. Despite many misconceptions around this belief, it has some grounding in Scripture.

Stop Saying the Bible is a 2,000-Year-Old Book

There may be two reasons for this. First is the biblical doctrine of glorification. It makes sense why people might miss the nuance—Christians become like angels—and say outright that Christians do actually become angels. Second is the biblical vocabulary for glorified believers and angels.

1. God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Luke ; Rom For every truth, there is a range of misunderstandings or misconceptions. As we have seen in this series, Scripture does say many fascinating things on the topic. However, we must take care to receive what the Bible says about angels and not speculate beyond it. More about what the Bible says about Angels.

I wrote this blog on my website about Angels. Share on Twitter. This is a post by guest author Lindsay Kennedy. Do angels have a language, and can Christians speak it? Do Christians command angels?